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New Pool Builds 

Our pool building is a very personal experience. I do not build any more than four at a time. I do not tell people what type of pool they need I want to design the type of pool that they want. A lot of builders like to choose the material that makes them the most money I will design the pool you want and whatever your material choices are. The average pool spa combination takes 90 days or less.. The only reason it will take longer is if it is a very eccentric or very large pool. You will deal with the same foreman the entire build it will never change. I typically stay away from salt pools because builders do not tell people all the negatives of them, it rots everything and all your furniture around the pool. You also get a lot of service calls on equipment from leaks and have to replace equipment much sooner than a typical mineral or standard Chlorine pool.


Salt pools are still chlorine pools it just makes the chlorine instead of you buying it but having all the salt in the water and running through the equipment causes massive deterioration of everything. I understand the importance of family and Pools and how children grow up with them and it makes a lasting memory  people remember throughout their life. It is a big investment that matters, it is a healthy investment for children instead of video games or TV. Let us design and build your pool of your dreams ,that will create lasting memories and family time that will be remembered for a lifetime. 

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